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Our Team

We are a group of humans with a shared goal

Jack Horton


Tom Geragthy


Craig Carter


Ricardo Salcedo


Our Values


Data security is what we do. Keep it that way.


Making the lives of our customer as simple as possible at all times.


Being transparent brings greater stability and culture, whether internal or external.


We have the best interest of our customers in our mind with everything we do.


Accountability is the key to everything we are trying to achieve, this starts within.

Our Journey

The Idea

Jack and Tom came together to solve a problem that was becoming more and more prominent.. Mass data hacks!! We wanted to create the most secure database to store and share consumer data.

The Prototype

We came up with an architecture that would do the job and built a prototype of the idea. The prototype was built and worked really well and proved concept.

Initial Patent Application

Once we had the prototype working and proved that the concept works, we started the process to obtain a patent for the platform.

Get Started

Ydentity Launch

Our first product launched ydentity which is aimed at protecting consumers data when being stored and shared with companies they are dealing with.

Patent application stage 2

The initial results came back with positive findings, we then moved our application onto stage 2 with the advice of our lawyers.

Silo launch

Our second product Silo will be launched in Q1 2021, this will be aimed at encrypting, storing and sharing documents sent by email via plugins to major business platforms.


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