Use our patent pending technology to Prototype, build and scale multiple applications using our simple APIs to de-risk your business from cyber threats and create a truly accountable organisation.

Multiple Use Cases


Make internal and external communication easier and more secure than ever before. End-to-End encryption, an immutable audit trail and time bound sharing allows you to build the perfect communication tool.


Our 'innovative patent pending encryption technology' allows you to store all of your most sensitive data with peace of mind knowing your data is always available and having infinitely scalable infrastructure you can build with confidence.

Blockchain Audit

We take advantage of multiple blockchain engines to provide an immutable audit trail of any transaction whether it be financial or data. These transactions cannot be changed or edited meaning ultimate accountability.

Super Secure

Immutable Audit Log

By utilising blockchain technology you are able to keep a time stamped audit trail for every transaction made on our platform.

Innovative Encryption

Ultra-secure, Multi-Layer, per-item encrypted storage. This means a very low risk of a breach even if a decryption key is used by an attacker.

Strict access control

Retain control of your data by allowing and removing access to certain data manually and automatically using our time-bound sharing function.

End-to-End Encryption

Our sophisticated encryption engine encrypts data not only when storing but also when sharing.

Cloud-based Infrastructure


By using a cloud-based system you are able to scale your business with ease and with very little extra cost or time needed.

Cost Efficient

Our system is built using serverless technology, this means you only pay for what you use as and when you use it. This means you can effectively scale your cost up and down when necessary.


By using AWS, we can lean on the reliability of the largest company in the world.

Sharing securely

Time bound

Share data without fear of losing control of who has access to them and how long they have access for.

Copy encryption

By having an encrypted master and only sharing an encrypted auditable copy of your data, your data is much more secure.


Our blockchain auditing engine keeps track of your data when being shared providing ultimate organisational accountability.
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Patent Pending Technology
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Ultimate Accountability
We aim to help businesses become truly accountable and eliminate security risks when storing and sharing their data, protecting themselves and their customers.
Jack Horton - CEO

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